Karla Tovar
Karla Tovar
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Karla was raised in Kansas City but born in Oklahoma city. She came to America when she was still in her mothers womb. Her mother was a hard working woman with 3 kids to raise on her own. Karla saw how hard her mother worked to give a good life to her kids, so she made it a goal in life to make her mothers life more comfortable. To give back whatever she could, even though she knew that whatever she did for her mother would never amount to how much her mother did for her. Later on in her life she moved to independence MO, she loved it there but they had to move. So she moved to Smithville MO and bought a house on 1 acre. That didn't last long because that life was not for her, so she moved again but this time she actually had to deal with the process of selling a house and she was fascinated by it. So in 2022 she got her real estate license. It hasn't been easy for her but what is easy in life. She puts her trust in God and depends on him for everything. She just wants to help other people, like so many people have helped her.